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The senior Drama division of Centre Stage, Upstaged Theatre Company, is a vibrant, performance based group for actors over the age of sixteen who are looking to experience more challenging drama.

Upstaged productions provide students with the opportunity to work in professional London theatres, and following a London run we regularly transfer productions to the Camden and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals.

Former members of Upstaged Theatre Company have gone on to train at RADA, Bristol Old Vic, Mountview, ALRA, The Brit School and Arts Ed;  with a number of second and third round recalls at Central, LAMDA, Drama Centre and Rose Bruford amongst others.  Other students have gained agency representation or work straight away and gone on to appear in film and TV hits such as The Imitation GameChildren of Men, Shooting Dogs, Hugo, Wolfman, Hollyoaks, My Parents are Aliens and Porgy and Bess.

At Upstaged Theatre Company we continue to push the boundaries of our own success and always strife to better our productions, as well as our projects and will always look to new and creative ways of generating and achieving the highest standard of theatre possible.


After Juliet
By Sharman MacDonald
After the deaths of Romeo and Juliet...
what happens next?

A tense truce holds between the Capulets and the Montagues. Benvolio, Romeo's best friend, is in love with Rosaline, Juliet's cousin; but the scorned Rosaline is bent on revenge. 

These old enemies must decide whether the cycle of violence and prejudice continues or will their worlds shift towards peace and
new beginnings?

At Upstairs at the Gatehouse
The Gatehouse, Highgate Village,
London N6 4BD

Tue 8th Aug 2017  -   7:30pm 
Wed 9th Aug 2017  -   9:15pm 
Thu 10th Aug 2017  -   7:30pm 

£12.00 (£10.00 concs)
Book tickets via

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Camden Fringe Festival
Camden Fringe Festival
Camden Fringe Festival
Camden Fringe Festival
By Don Taylor

Upstairs at the Gatehouse
By Mary O'Malley

Upstairs at the Gatehouse
By Jim Cartwright

Etcetera Theatre
By Ella Hickson

Upstairs at the Gatehouse

Camden Fringe Festival
Edinburgh & Camden Fringe Festivals
Edinburgh & Camden Fringe Festivals
Camden Fringe Festival
By John Godber

Upstairs at the Gatehouse

By Will Sherriff Hammond

The Sanctuary at Augustines and Tristan Bates 
By William Shakespeare

The Sanctuary at Augustines and Theatro Technis
By Will Sherriff Hammond

Theatro Technis


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Three Weeks 
Edinburgh Fringe Festival
* * * * 
Broadway Baby 
Camden Fringe Festival
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Fringe Review 
Camden Fringe Festival
(Killing Swine)

"The performance was powerful, strong and focused... I loved how they served both the practical and the theatrical demands of the piece - creating a sense of place, but also creating a more abstract, expressionistic world of the hearts" 

National Theatre Connections

featured strong characterisation, considerable stage presence, and a real sense of comedy...
a highly amusing performance."

Broadway Baby, Camden Fringe 

"The production by Upstaged Theatre Company certainly didn't disappoint. The show is fast-moving, thoroughly entertaining and  never lost energy." 

Broadway Baby, Camden Fringe


"Upstaged Theatre Company manage to pull off John Godber's Teechers successfully Keep an eye on Upstaged for their next production as this was well cast and it will be interesting to see what this
company does next!" 

Fringe Reviewer, Camden Fringe

"The talented young cast deserve much praise." 

Three Weeks, Edinburgh Fringe


 "From start to finish, Killing Swine was an evocative masterpiece that tantalized the mind with its thrilling dialogue and tense atmosphere. The actors performed their roles with great skill to give a heart breaking presentation."

Fringe Review, Camden Fringe

"Upstaged Theatre Company have excelled themselves with Shakespeare’s Macbeth.  The production was saturated with a strong sense of style, positively dripping with a bleak, ominous atmosphere."  

On the Fringe

"Upstaged Theatre Companys Macbeth has a raw energy that appeals, with direction that is fresh, well-presented and shows some originality and a cast that is indeed, as advertised, young and vibrant."   

Edinburgh Spotlight, Edinburgh Fringe


"An exceptional theatre school"  

Camden Fringe

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