Since our conception back in 1999, Centre Stage has now produced over 80 plays, musicals and events and continues with it's relentless outlay of quality productions.

These range from our internal shows that are part of a group's syllabus for a terms work to our full-scale productions performed at West End or Off West End venues and International Fringe Festivals.

Below is a list of our previous major productions over the years and below that, a selection of video clips to accompany just some of our great shows.


Into The Millennium, Intimate Theatre, 2000
Centre Stage - The Performing Arts Musical, Millfield Theatre, 2001
An Intimate Evening, Intimate Theatre, 2002
A Game of Two Halves, Millfield Theatre, 2003
Your Song, Millfield Theatre & Intimate Theatre, 2004
Daisy Pulls It Off, Upper School Performance, 2004
The Suicide,  Shelter, Ernies Incredible Illucinations, Festival, 2005
West Side Story, Lower School Performance, 2005
A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Oh What A Lovely War, Teechers,
Lost Luggage/ Overdue (Devised Masked Performances), Festival, 2006
Oliver, Lower School Production, 2006
Pass It On - National Theatre Connections, Lyric Hammersmith, 2006
Incidental Music, Her Majesty’s Theatre, 2006
Showcase! Upstairs at the Gatehouse Theatre, 2006
The Crucible, Theatro Technis, 2007
The Wizard of Oz, The Wyllyotts Theatre, 2007
High School Musical, Aylward Theatre, 2007
Showcase! Aylward Theatre, 2007
Terrorism, The Dumb Waiter, 4:48 Psychosis, Festival, 2007
A Chorus Line, Aylward Theatre, 2008
The Love of the Nightingale, Theatro Technis, 2008
Creation of the World & Other Business, Under Milk Wood, Haversham Hall, Festival, 2008
Fame, Intimate Theatre, 2008
Honk! The Wyllyotts Theatre, 2009
Centre Stage - The Performing Arts Musical, Aylward Theatre, 2009
Blood Brothers, The Pope & The Witch, Festival, 2009
The Penelopiad, The Courtyard Theatre, 2009
The Penelopiad, Augustines, Edinburgh Festival, 2009
Encore, The Pentland Theatre, Arts Depot, 2009
Hairspray, Clarissa Farr Theatre, 2009
Cinderella, Lower School Pantomime, 2010
Daisy Pulls It Off, The Father, Two, Theatro Technis, Festival, 2010
100, Theatro Technis, 2010
100, Augustines, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2010
Alice In Wonderland, Lower School Production, 2011
Les Misserables, Aylward Theatre, 2011
The Royal Hunt of The Sun, Chatroom, Do You Take This Woman, Theatro Technis, Festival, 2011
Bugsy Malone, Intimate Theatre, 2011
Killing Swine, Theatro Technis, Camden Fringe Festival, 2011
Macbeth, Theatro Technis, 2011
Macbeth, Augustines, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2011
Robin Hood, Lower School Pantomime, 2011
Blood Wedding, DNA, The Love Project, Shooting Truth, Theatro Technis, Festival, 2012

Ernies Incredible Illucinations, Middle School Play, 2012
Journey To X - National Theatre Connections, Theatro Technis, 2012
Journey To X - National Theatre Connections, Arts Depot, 2012
One Night Only, Wyllyotts Theatre, 2012
Teechers, Upstairs At The Gatehouse, Camden Fringe Festival, 2012
Teechers, Theatro Technis, 2012
Spring Awakening, Augustines, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2012
Spring Awakening, Tristan Bates Theatre, London, 2012

Peter Pan, Lower School Pantomime, 2012

'13', Arts Depot Studio, 2013

Our House - The Madness Musical, Arts Depot Studio, 2013

Centre Stage Singers and Dancers at Mum's Show Live, Alexandra Palace, 2013

I'm Spilling My Heart Out Here  -  National Theatre Connections, 2013

Comedy of Errors, Revenge, The Wedding, Festival, 2013

Eight, Upstairs At The Gatehouse, Camden Fringe Festival, 2013

Road, Etcetera Theatre, Camden Fringe Festival, 2013

Snow White & The '9' Dwarfs!, Lower School Pantomime, 2013

Haversham Hall, Dahling You Were Marvelous, The Actor's Nightmare, Festival, 2014

15 Year Anniversary Cabaret, St Monica's Hall, 2014

Once A Catholic, Upstairs At The Gatehouse, Camden Fringe Festival, 2014

Dick Whittington, Lower School Pantomime, 2014

Daisy Pulls It Off, D.N.A, Chatroom, The Funeral, Shelter, Festival, 2015

The Wiz, The Millfield Theatre, 2015

The Roses of Eyam, Upstairs At The Gatehouse, Camden Fringe Festival, 2015

Robin & The Sherwood Hoodies, Lower School Pantomime, 2015
Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet, Twelfth Night, Festival, 2016

Cue The Music, The Pentland Theatre, Arts Depot, 2016

Shakespeare Rocks, All Junior Production, 2016

Dream On, All Intermediate Production, 2016

Love & Money, Teechers, The Wardrobe, Festival, 2017

Suessical, The Millfield Theatre, 2017

Video footage available from years;  20152014 , 2013 , 2012 , 2011 , 2010 , 2008 


2014 - 2015 Year Review
The Wiz
Dick Whittington

The Cabaret Nights

The Festival of Plays 2015

 Ian's Tribute Song


2013 - 2014 Year Review

Oscar Awards Ceremony 2014

15 Year Anniversary Cabaret 2014

Festival of Plays 2014


Oscar Awards Ceremony 2013

Our House 2013

13 - The Musical 2013

Snow White 2013


Oscar Awards Ceremony 2013
'Alternative Version'


Peter Pan 2012

One Night Only 2012

Ernie's Incredible Illucinations 2012

Festival of Plays 2012


2010 - 2011 Year Review

Oscar Awards Ceremony 2011

Robin Hood 2011

Macbeth & Killing Swine
Edinburgh & Camden Fringe
Festival 2011



2009 - 2010 Year Review


2007 - 2008 Year Review

Show Gallery (Pictures)

The Arts Depot

The Arts Depot

The Intimate Theatre

Aylward Theatre

100 -  March 2010
Theatro Technis, Camden
Edinburgh Festival Fringe  2010


The Courtyard Theatre, London
Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2009

Wyllyotts Theatre, Potters Bar

Clarissa Farr Theatre, Hertfordshire


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