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A small selection of testimonials, reviews, emails and letters from CS parents, guardians, friends and students, past and present.

"My daughter has been part of the school for over 4years and absolutely loves it. Centre Stage gives the opportunity to shine and her confidence has grown so much. My son also joined recently and absolutely enjoys it. The staff are friendly and warm. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a friendly environment, with no pressure for a child to excel."

"My daughter has loved every moment of her time at Centre Stage from the age of 7 (she is 15 now) and it continues to be the favourite part of her week. She has made wonderful friends over the years and had incredible teachers who have help shape her both as an actor and a person. Centre Stage we love everything you do, your inclusivity, your support, encouragement and creativity."

"Words cannot really describe how much of a special place Centre Stage School of Performing Arts is. My eldest son has been attending for 14 years and is sadly finishing his time as a student this year. My other son has been attending now for 5 years. I initially sent both of them to help with their confidence and the outcome is beyond what I had hoped for. Fantastic teachers provide care and encouragement, in a fun environment, which nurtures both talent and life skills. Life long friendships have been formed, along with a love of the performing arts. The Centre Stage family are about to celebrate their 20th anniversary and long may they continue!"

"To say Centre Stage has changed my son's life is an understatement. Having realised at a very early age that my son's passion was the dramatic arts we were lucky enough to be recommended to Centre Stage which he joined, 9 years ago, at the age of 7 - and he has never looked back. Carole and her incredible team have supported and encouraged his dreams, to the point that he is now pursuing a career in the performing arts. However, more importantly, he considers Centre Stage, both the students and staff, to be his family. As you can imagine, I cannot recommend Centre Stage highly enough for your child. Whether it's to give an incredibly high standard of tuition for a child that has a passion for performing arts, or simply to build confidence in a child that is shy then you will not go wrong in entrusting your child to the fabulous team at Centre Stage."

"Our decision to send our son to Centre Stage was probably the best decision we have ever made. At the time I was very ill and unable to participate in the usual father and son activities (football) and so we decided to send our shy and insecure son to Centre Stage in the hope they would help him gain some much needed confidence. Today, we have a confident, outgoing and happy child who is hoping to persue a career in the performing arts. Without any doubt none of this would be possible without Carole, her fantastic team and the wonderful friends he has made at Centre Stage. I would unreservedly recommend Centre Stage to any parent or child. We consider them part of our family and will always be grateful for all they do."

"Centre Stage is home from home, it's a place that enriches the lives of children and young adults. I have 2 sons that have been a part of Centre stage from the age of 4, my eldest is now in his late twenties and my youngest has recently turned 16. Centre stage has been an amazing platform for them both, they have developed with confidence not only in the world of Performing Arts, Dance, and music, but knowing who they are and striving to be their better self.

I'm proud as a parent to be a part of Centre Stage family, none of this would be possible without the owner Carole O'Shea, she has a carefully selected dedicated Team / staff you makes every child feel worthy and able irrespective of race, colour, disability etc.

Her Team are an absolute inspiration to our children, their patience and passion for what they do so well is a testament to their commitment. Every child takes front of stage and has an important part to play. I would encourage any child to be a part of such a unique establishment.
I'm a parent that has witnessed the talent that has be born from Centre Stage many moving on to Television, Theatre, etc. both in the UK and abroad, I myself have sat in the cinema and watched my son on the big screen. None of this would have been possible without Centre Stage.
I would like to thank Centre Stage for the love, kindness and nurturing that so many children have been afforded during the many classes and productions which they have taken part in, our children have received a true blessing and will go on to be positive children of the future."

"My daughter has been at Centre Stage for five years she loves dancing , singing , drama and all the shows . My son on the other had no interest but started a year ago. He didn’t have confidence to be on stage or to speak out . Centre Stage has helped all that. Centre Stage is like a family and the kids make long time friends.
The whole team help with anything you want to ask and the kids look up to them so much."

"My daughter has been at Centre Stage for 3 years and she has loved every minute. She has performed in some incredible shows and we look forward to many more. The staff are friendly, supportive and encouraging of every child."

This is the MOST spectacular place for your kids. It really is as simple as that. There is a genuine warmth from the staff that cannot fail but waterfall down. My children have loved this for the last 10 years and my only regret is that their time with Carole and the wonderful team has to come to an end. Pretty much perfect and we will stay in touch with our centre stage family for many years to come xxxxx Send your children. You will never regret it!"

"This has been a great introduction to drama for young children who don't have the confidence. It has been a forum where every child has a part and a great boost for their achievements, no competing against large numbers of children.
Thank you to all at Young Centre Stage for all your input and support for our children's development."

"10 years at Centre Stage and I wouldn’t have spent it another way. There is no better place to learn, to grow and to fall in love with musical theatre. I am beyond grateful for Carole and the rest of the staff team for giving me opportunity after opportunity to perform and to teach. My 8 year old self would be so proud and confused at the amount of confidence I have gained from constantly being pushed and encouraged, not only to perform but in myself. I am so lucky to have met and made such incredible friends that have and will continue to be there for me. A decade of Saturdays spent in the best way possible."

"Words cannot express what a truly special place Centre Stage is where every child belongs, lifelong friendships are made and confidence is built during high quality lessons in acting, singing and dance. It is an experience that any child would be lucky to be part of."

"As a centre stage student of 12 years I can honestly say that centre stage was one of the best decisions my mother ever made for me. Not only do you enter a warm, positive, safe and FUN space to act, sing and dance - flourishing and developing your talents. But every single student is given skills for life, that you don’t just learn in a classroom. You are taught to give your all and be the best version of yourself that you can be.
As soon as you walk into a room, you know that every teacher there is committed to helping you and supporting you to fulfil your dreams. I have made friends for life and been moulded made into the person that I am today, because of centre stage and all the love and support I’ve been given every single weekend. I have enjoyed incredible experiences that will stay with me for life.
I couldn’t advise you to join a better group or better home than the wonderful performing arts school that Carole O’Shea has built."

"Centre Stage is one giant family that helps EVERY single child grow in confidence and self belief with every show."

"My two daughters attend Centre Stage and they absolutely love it. My eldest has been in many shows and cabarets which are brilliant. Lovely family feel drama school."

"Encouraging and inclusive school where all can shine, taught by experienced and caring teachers - my daughter loves her lessons. Being part of the school has boosted her self-confidence and given her opportunities to perform in drama, singing & dance."

"This is a fabulous performing arts school on my doorstep. My four year old loves the Saturday morning sessions and we look forward to seeing her performing on the big stage!"

"My daughter goes on the Saturday morning and loves it! It has definitely built her confidence!"

"My daughter has attended Centre Stage this past year and loves it. Cannot recommend it highly enough."

"Fantastic school; I've spent the best years of my life here and hope to come back and visit for many more."

"WOW last night was amazing!!! Very proud to work at Centre Stage"


“Just got home, it was absolutely brill and I enjoyed it as much as the West End.  The children were so enthusiastic and the whole show just perfect. You must be so proud and rightly so”



“THAT WAS INCREDIBLE.      End of story……   Let me be crystal clear.  This is my favorite show.  Ever....  Four times.... and the 25th anniversary concert.  It is a massive task to put this on badly, much less to do it well.  The weight of expectation must have been very real…

O.M.G.  I was expecting good – but not this.   Some of those kids are just wonderful.  You have some outstanding talent.  I almost shed a tear on more than one occasion..

Take my children… make them stars. Congratulations to you all.  I loved every second of it.”


"Carole, words cannot describe how much love I have for you. Thank you for the most amazing last few months."


"Carole… Thank you so much for everything. You truly gave us opportunities and experiences that will stay with us for a long long time."


"Dear Carole, thank you for everything over the last 10 years. Every experience of a CS show has been amazing. I have so much love for you."


"Thank you so so much for everything. This has been the most amazing production, my favourite show. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be in ‘Les Mis’. Love you forever."


"Thank you so much for the experience. I am so privileged to be a part of this production, as well as all my other Centre Stage experiences. Thank you"


"This has definitely been the highlight of my wonderful Centre Stage experience so far, and will stay in my memory forever. Thank you."


"Thanks for the best week and best show ever. Everything is so appreciated."


"Thank you so much Carole for everything you have done for us. I am so happy that I could be a part of this amazing production. Really love you."


"Thanks so much for everything. You are the best ever. I love you. You made me the person I am."


"I remember my first day at CS, 11 years ago. I never thought it would lead to something like this. Thanks for everything."


"Thank you for Les Miserables and Centre Stage and basically my life xx"



“I just wanted to say a massive Thank you for allowing R to participate in Bugsy. She had a fantastic time not only in the show, but also at the rehearsals. I know she feels sad now that it is all over.  The show was extremely enjoyable and all the children were amazing. Never realised that children so young could have so much talent. My family and friends spent the whole day on Sunday raving about it. 

Can you please pass on my Thanks to Nick, Simon and Sarah who I know worked so hard and spent so many long hours working on the show”.


“ The show was brilliant. Congratulations on a very professional musical”


“Congratulations on a marvellous performance”


“ Just a note to say thank you for all the hard work and time you invested in Centre Stage’s recent show. We thought it was wonderful! Also a big Thank you for the confidence and self-assurance you seem to instill in E. Two years ago we would never have believed she would have the confidence or belief in herself to take part in such a show or indeed Centre Stage. Her Saturday mornings with you all has worked wonders.”


“ We Thank you for the opportunity to dance on a stage and perform like real stars!”


“Thanks for your support and commitment, you helped us loads”


“ What you have done for us is amazing. You’ve given us the opportunity to show our talent.”


“Just to say how magnificent, brilliant, outstanding, wonderful, fantastic and entertaining the production was, we had a really great night and all the children/young adults were true stars.”


“I must congratulate you and your wonderful team, as you have created an extremely special environment with amazing opportunities for your students to express themselves. The students you have nurtured are all so special both in terms of talent, and the support and encouragement they give to each other. It was wonderful to see how together and happy your students are. I am certain that lifelong friendships are being formed from the Centre Stage family of students. You must be congratulated on so many levels”


“Thank you so much for the wonderful time we had at the annual awards evening, it really was a night to remember, and a pleasure to be a part of such an event. We were very surprised and honoured that C received such a magnificent award, and she was absolutely thrilled to bits. Thank you so much again for being such a lovely team of professional people, who are obviously so caring towards your pupils. It stands out for miles. We are very grateful for what you mean to C as she cares about you all a lot. Need we say more!”


“Thank you so much for every opportunity you’ve given me. Miss you Loads.”


“ Many Thanks for all the love and care shown”


“ Thank you so much for everything & giving us the opportunity to perform! It has been a great experience! & lots of fun!!”


“ E says Carole that you are always calm & gentle & enthusiastic & never angry. Could you take the time to teach me these skills do you think?”


“ Thanks for all the help and support you’ve given me at Centre Stage over the years I have been there. I’ve really enjoyed myself and it has helped me build my confidence in many aspects. All the staff I’ve worked with have been really friendly & welcoming and made classes very enjoyable. It has been a great experience & I will never forget it.”


“ Thank you for helping us perform a really good show!!! We enjoyed ourselves!!!”


“ Thank you for the five very happy years O had at Centre Stage. She leaves with many memories”


“ Thank you for the brilliant time we had at the Oscars evening, it was a great night.”


“ It was a great success & lovely to see such happy children & proud parents. All the stress and hard work to arrange such an event really paid off.”


“ Congratulations on the wonderful show”


“ Thank you very much for the super year at Centre Stage.”


“ I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your kindness & friendship to the girls over the years. They have both benefited greatly from the classes and have enjoyed all the shows. We wish Centre Stage long & continued success.”


“ Thank you for setting up such a fantastic school & giving children this wonderful opportunity.  I have learnt such a lot.”


“ Firstly I would like to thank you and all of the tutors for a brilliant time throughout the many years that I have been here, because of the teaching and encouragement, and all of the fun I’ve had over the years. I have learnt a lot of things from them all.

Secondly I would like to thank you for all the opportunities that you have given me within the Centre Stage classes. I have enjoyed the shows and productions that I have taken part in.

Again, Thank you very much for all of the wonderful times I have had at Centre Stage.  I will never forget them.”


“Thank you so much for the wonderful evening we had the Oscars night, it was absolutely brilliant. We are so proud of our daughters achievements since she has been at Centre Stage, we can’t thank you enough for your care and dedication to her./ She really loves Centre Stage and thoroughly enjoys herself, you are like another family to her.”


“Congratulations on a wonderful show- all our family and friends thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment. Thank you to everyone for all their hard work in making it such a success – Long live Centre Stage!”


“ Many Thanks for all your hard work last week. The show was wonderful and very much appreciated”


“ I’d like to thank all involved for the fabulous years of drama, dance & singing. As well as providing lots of fun Saturday afternoons, I know the classes did much to boost my son’s confidence & he will carry many happy memories of his time at Centre Stage”


“ Wishing you all continued success and we look forward to the next production!”


“ Well done for all your hard work and dedication over the past few months. It was all certainly worth it – the show was amazing. Well Done”


“ ‘ Bring on Tomorrow..’ …. Here’s to many more future successes!”


“ Just a note to say how much we enjoyed the show last night. It was magnificent and what excellent talent. All the hard work and enthusiasm was abundant and wonderful to see. To sum up, a great evening and good luck to all future shows. We will be there to see them!”


“ Thank you for everything you have done for me over the years. Centre Stage has been like a second home and I class you all like a family.”


“ Heres to another fab year for Centre Stage.”


“ Thank you for making my time at Centre Stage so special! I have many fond memories of Centre Stage – That I will never forget!”


“I would like to take this opportunity to Thank you and your staff for the wonderful opportunity Centre Stage has afforded the boys. It is a tremendous asset in the area and one which, is clearly going form strength to strength under your enthusiastic leadership. I recall you saying at the ‘Oscars’that the aim of Centre Stage is foster self-esteem and develop confidence in the students and anything else is a bonus. I know that the children will look back on their time at Centre Stage with fond memories and in time recognize fully the benefits gained during these important formative years. In case I do not get a chance, please extend my thanks and indeed congratulations to your excellent staff, I wish them every success in their careers.”

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