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A Message From
Our Patrons

We cannot recommend Centre Stage more highly. Every child is made to feel they have something to give and a talent to be explored. They have a highly skilled team of passionate teachers and the place has a real family feel to it. If you have a child who simply needs to grow in confidence or a child who has burning ambition to make it in the industry, Centre Stage serves both needs equally well.

- Carrie and David Grant


"I must congratulate you and your wonderful team. You have created an extremely special environment with amazing opportunities for your students to express themselves"
“The students you have nurtured are so special both in terms of talent, and the support and encouragement they give to each other.  I am certain that lifelong friendships are being formed at Centre Stage. You must be congratulated on so many levels”
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the wonderful opportunity Centre Stage has afforded my boys.   Your school is a tremendous asset in the area and one which is clearly going form strength to strength under your enthusiastic leadership. “
“I know that my sons will look back on their time at Centre Stage with fond memories and in time recognize fully the benefits gained during these important formative years”.
“LES MISERABLES WAS INCREDIBLE.  End of story……  This is my favourite show.  Ever....  I've seen it four times, and the 25th anniversary concert.  It is a massive task to put this show on badly, much less to do it so amazingly well.”
“I was expecting good – but not this.   Some of those kids are just wonderful.  You have some outstanding talent.  I almost shed a tear on more than one occasion.  Please take my children… make them stars.”
“A huge thank you to all your staff for the confidence and self-assurance you have instilled in E…..   Two years ago we would never have believed she would have the confidence or belief in herself to take part in such an amazing show (Bugsy).  Her Saturday mornings with you have worked wonders.”
"Carole, thank you for everything over the last ten years.  Every experience at CS has been amazing. I have so much love for you."
“Thank you so much for everything. You are the best school ever.  Centre Stage has made me the person I am.”
“Thank you so much for the wonderful time we had at the annual awards evening, it really was a night to remember for the whole family.”
“Thank you so much for the wonderful time we had at the annual awards evening, it really was a night to remember for the whole family.”
“Carole, my daughter says that you are always calm, gentle and enthusiastic, and never angry. Could you take the time to teach me these skills do you think?”
“Last terms Cabaret was another great success. It is wonderful to see such talented children and proud parents; and what a wonderful opportunity for your students.”


Welcome to Centre Stage School of Performing Arts

I hope you find this website informative and easy to use

This year Centre Stage celebrates it's 19th year as an independent Performing Arts School.
Our family run business is not part of any franchise nor are we associated with any other school bearing a similar name.

The staff at Centre Stage continue to extend the same warm welcome to our students and their families as they did on the day we first opened our doors, and we are proud to continue a teaching tradition which has been instrumental in the personal development of so many talented young people. Every student that joins Centre Stage is an important member of our extended family; a family that, as well as offering exceptional coaching in all aspects of performing arts, also provides support, friendship and the life skills that build confidence and help students grow into well-rounded, self-assured individuals.

No matter how large or small the goal, at Centre Stage we encourage our students to believe in themselves and develop the confidence to pursue their ambitions.

Taught in a supportive, fun and creative environment, the disciplines of acting, singing and dance bring young people together in a vibrant and joyous community to explore the magical world of performance.

Every parent wants the best for their children and Centre Stage provides life skills that will continue
to benefit them as they progress through life.

Carole O'Shea
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